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Disclaimer Prayerline Manifest

This Prayerline came into existence through a culmination of events beginning with a formation of a sisterhood group spearheaded by the late Gev. Ashirah bat Naftali and others in New York City in 2004. The minds of these sisters were connected by a common bond: the love of the Most High and His people. A designated time was set aside each day for the sisters to come together via telephone to pray before starting their secular day. Some needed evening prayers to accommodate their work schedules so there was also a designated evening time set aside for those to join in at that time. As more needs arose, the prayerline would shift to accommodate the needs. One by one, step by step the mothers, sisters, daughters of an everlasting nation saw the vision and the need to communicate with one another and ultimately with the Most high YAH on a daily continual basis. Putting differences aside, the mindset strengthened and became clearer and a mission was born! The sisterhood was now a network of women from across the world with various backgrounds and varying degrees of understanding of Torah all with the same understanding that we must take responsibility to do our part in the re-building of the true house of Yisrael. We soon realized that no matter how successful we might be in our mission that we could never reach full succession without our brothers’ input and approval. Learning how to love self is the key to loving and revering Maker and Divine King. Over the years it has become evident that many are our concerns and issues. The prayerline has evolved into a rather large network of listeners, orators and silent participants. As with any open, public venue you run the risk of problems that may affect the project. So we have added a disclaimer to protect the person(s) facilitating this line. The interpretations, implications and valuations of individuals who speak on this line are not necessarily those of the facilitator(s) or the vision of those sisters of the original prayerline. This line seeks to join, strengthen, solidify and re-dedicate themselves back to building and living righteous lives. It is our most humble position and prayer that those whom the Most High shall choose will be found on this line.                                          

Mailing address

Cocavyah McMillan

POB 6074

Chesapeake, VA 23323

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