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Peace and Blessings to you!!!

Welcome to the Prayerline page where you will be able to know what is going on with the Prayerline. First things first. Sisters you are invited to join the Prayerline during the week Mon-Fri. from 7:30am-9am! EST Prayerline!!!!  

During the week we, as women, sisters, mothers, daughters, wives, aunts and leaders in our own right need to be encouraged and empowered just as much as we encourage and empower others!!!

On the Prayerline we read Psalms, Proverbs, and Old Testament Scriptures. We Laugh, cry, sing and share experiences with women who reside in all parts of the world. This is a great place to find new friends and to learn to accept one another with our differences. You will find that we really are not that different after all.

My prayer is that you will join us daily to share in the beauty of fellowship!

"Oh how good and pleasant it is for brothers(sisters) to join together in unity" Psalms 133 

Also, the Prayerline is open on Shabbat morning for the entire family, man, woman, and child!!!

We rise and shine and give glory to the CREATOR of heaven and earth on the day that HE set aside as holy and special!! The 7th day is the shabbat and we will rejoice and be happy in it!! All shabbat Day sessions are recorded just in case you missed it!!

Don't forget!!!!! Start time is 7:30 am EST weekly

Every shabbat will be a delight!!!

Call in @

857-232-0155 xtn 231971

To hear the recordings go to

and follow the instructions.

For any questions, concerns or suggestions you can send them in care of:

Cocavyah McMillan


For donations you can send them to

PO Box 6074

Chesapeake, VA 23323

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